What you can do

There are lots of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Some will have more of an impact than others.

Calculate your carbon footprint

There are many actions that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Some will have more of an impact than others.

Everyone’s carbon footprint is unique. To find out what would have the biggest impact for your life, you can calculate your carbon footprint using this WWF calculator. It will tell you where your biggest impacts are, and where there is potential to reduce emissions.

Tips to reduce your carbon footprint

  • Make energy efficiency improvements at home. Both large and small improvements can give you a warmer home and lower bills: Energy advice for your home - Energy Saving Trust
  • Switch to green energy: Switching your energy supplier – Energy Saving Trust
  • Install solar panels and battery storage on your home: the Energy Saving Trust has useful advice on solar panels. There is a local group-buying scheme called: Solar Together Sussex which runs from time to time.
  • Switch to a lower emission vehicle, such as a hybrid or an electric car. Or to cut costs and emissions, you could consider selling your car and using a car club instead. Read more from the BBC on how our daily travel harms the planet.
  • Walk and cycle short journeys when you can. Cycling is a healthy and cost-effective way to get around. If you find cycling hard work, try an e-bike – they make short work of hills and headwinds. The World Health Organisation has information on the many benefits of active travel.
  • Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables, which are healthier and have a lower footprint then meat and dairy. You can find out what your food's carbon footprint is with the BBC's climate change food calculator.
  • Reduce food waste emissions by only buying what you need and composting your food waste: Composting at home
  • Spread the word and encourage your friends, relatives and neighbours to take on a personal challenge to cut carbon and save costs.

You can also look at average emissions from households where you live using this place-based carbon calculator.

Grants and support

For residents:

  • Solar Together is a group buying scheme for solar electric panels and battery storage systems.  Registrations are currently open for 2023.
  • Keep Warm and Well provides a Warm Home Check service. If you are on a low income, you may also qualify for a free home visit.

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