About archaeology

Archaeology is the way we understand people’s activity in the past and how it has shaped the environment around us today.

East Sussex is rich in archaeological remains – ranging from flint tools more than half a million years old to Second World War coastal defences – which form a unique and fragile record of the past, easily damaged and lost through modern activity such as building and ploughing.

Our Archaeology team works to protect, record and present the local archaeological heritage of East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. We give advice on the management, preservation and understanding of archaeological remains.

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South East Research Framework

The South East Research Framework (SERF) aims to identify what we know about the South East's historic environment and what we want to know more about.

Researchers from all sectors of the archaeology community are working together to build a list of gaps in our current understanding and produce a research agenda and strategy for the future.

The resource assessments and research agenda chapters can be found on the SERF website at South East Research Framework.

SERF is a partnership between East Sussex, Kent, Surrey and West Sussex. Historic England support the project financially.

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