When someone dies without leaving a will

If someone dies without making a will, they are said to have died ‘intestate’. If this happens, the law sets out who should deal with the deceased’s affairs and who should inherit their estate (property, personal possessions and money).

It can take a long time to deal with estates where this is no will – months or even years in some very complex cases.

What to do if there is no will or known relatives

When a person has died without leaving a will and without known entitled relatives, the ownerless property by law passes to the Crown. The Treasury Solicitor represents the Crown in dealing with these estates.

The legal name for ownerless property is bona vacantia which means ‘vacant goods’.

If you think you have a claim to an ownerless property, or need advice on referring a case to the Treasury, find out what to do by visiting:

Intestate cases in East Sussex

Below is a list is of residents within East Sussex who have died and no next of kin can be found.

This list, contains:

  • name of the person who has died, including maiden name if relevant
  • marital status
  • date of birth
  • date of death
  • the person’s last address
  • date when the case was sent to the Treasury Solicitor.

There are no privacy breaches in publishing this information as the Data Protection Act does not apply to deceased people.

This list was last updated July 2019.