Funding books


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Libraries are a good source of information with lots of free books about grant-making trusts and how to apply.

Most of these titles are reference books for use in the library only. You can just drop in and start using them straight away. Click the book titles to find out which libraries have them.

Directory of Grant Making Trusts 2020/21

Grant-making trusts are a major source of funding for charitable activity. This guide provides a directory of the largest 2,000 trusts and foundations in the UK.

Guide to Educational Grants 2020/21

Over 800 sources of non-statutory financial help for people in education, offering a total of £47.2 million each year. 

The school fundraising handbook : how to maximise your income from grants, sponsorship and many other sources of finance 2019

This guide maps out all the different fundraising streams available to schools and helps readers through the grant application process from start to finish.

Guide to Major Trusts 2019/20

Details of the 1,000 largest trusts who award around £3 billion each year. Includes advice on how to apply and what grant-makers are looking for.

Community Fundraising 2019

Community Fundraising is one of the oldest and most common forms of fundraising and yet in spite of this there is surprisingly little written about this area of fundraising. This book fills that gap.

Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need 2020

Details of funds and other support available for individuals. A resource for advice and social workers as well as individuals.

The Complete Fundraising Handbook 2019

This volume gives a thorough overview of the strategies, skills and techniques needed by those who raise money for charity. It contains case studies of successful fundraising, and contains new material on direct marketing.