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How to keep cool in a heatwave

When it gets really hot, you will find this helps:

  • keep your windows closed from morning to evening – do not let the hot air in
  • keep your curtains and blinds closed
  • stay indoors, and use a fan
  • take a cool shower, or try a damp cloth on the back of your neck
  • wear a hat and loose clothing if you have to go out
  • remember to keep drinking, but avoid alcohol!

Be prepared

NHS Choices has detailed advice on what to do as it gets hotter:

Spot the danger signs, and look out for your neighbours

There is helpful advice online about the signs of heat exhaustion, and what to do about it.

Older people and those with long term medical problems are most at risk. If you know someone who might need help, why not pay them a quick visit?

Look after your skin

Do not take your health for granted – cover up, use sunscreen and learn how to check for signs of a possible skin cancer:

Weather forecasts and alerts

Other problems caused by hot weather

Could your car overheat in a motorway jam? Check the radiator now and then, and make sure you keep up with other regular maintenance.

If there are any major problems that we can help you with, such as disruption to roads or the public transport network, we will include an alert on this page.

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