How the Continuum of Need works


Primary, secondary schools and colleges will remain open only for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers.

All other children will learn remotely until February half term.

Early Years settings remain open.

See the coronavirus help and support page.

Apply for your child’s primary school place: If your child was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017, then they are due to start primary school in September 2021. Don’t miss the deadline on 15 January 2021. If you miss the deadline you are much less likely to get the school you want.

1. The Continuum of Need

This is a visual tool for services working with children and families. It provides a common language to describe needs and risks.

Using the Continuum

  • The Continuum of Need cannot replace professional judgement. It is not a checklist or an assessment of need.
  • A family’s position on the Continuum changes as their situation changes.
  • Consider which needs take priority when identifying the proper level.

Continuum of Need poster

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