Inspired to foster

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Inspired to foster?

Thank you for clicking onto this page. This means that someone you know thinks you could be a great foster carer, able to support and enrich the lives of local children who need a foster family.

They have signposted you to us because they foster for us or work with East Sussex County Council’s fostering service already.

When you see the amazing work our foster carers do, it’s no wonder you’ve been inspired to find out more…

Why choose fostering?

Fostering offers children aged 0-18 a safe and caring family, while they are unable to live with their own, and provides an opportunity for other professionals to work with the birth family to help resolve their issues. 

There are several different types of fostering and we can discuss which type might fit best with your skills and experience. You can also state which age group you think you would prefer to begin your fostering experience with, from under two’s up to teenagers.

We could list all the reasons why fostering could be a fulfilling life-choice for you, but listen to our existing foster carers put it into their words in our video.

Why foster with us?

As the local authority, East Sussex County Council are responsible for finding and matching a fostering placement for every single child in East Sussex who needs care, from newborns to teenagers. With ongoing support and training, you’re never on your own.  Part-time and full-time opportunities available.

We always place children with our own foster carers first.  We will only consider using carers from an independent fostering agency if we do not have enough available foster carers of our own at the time.

Support we offer

- Give them back their childhood when you become a foster carer with ESCC

Watch on YouTube: "Give them back their childhood when you become a foster carer with ESCC"

The video above captures the story about 'Sophie' and her younger brother 'Charlie'. Often there is no adult to meet their needs and they are trying their best cope on their own. With the support of our foster carers, children like Sophie and Charlie can enjoy their childhood.

What next?

We’re sure you already know a fair amount about fostering from your friend.  Everyone’s situation and backgrounds are different, which is great because so are the children who need to be cared for.

So, the next step is to get in touch with our team to chat through the various types of fostering which might suit you and answer any other questions you have. Then, we’ll take it from there together.