eSussex project

The eSussex project was developed to improve connectivity across the county by investing in infrastructure upgrade under the Government’s superfast fibre programme.

The project utilised public funding from East Sussex County Council and central Government as well as funding from the supplier and ran from 2013 to 2023. BT was contracted to build the upgraded infrastructure through three separate state-aid procurements and subsequent contracts.

At the same time, commercial operators have continued to build under their own plans and using their own funding.

At the closure of the eSussex project, superfast availability in East Sussex (download speeds of 30 Mbps or greater) has increased from 3% (Ofcom data) to 98.6%.

The Government’s strategic direction has now changed with the focus moving to gigabit-capable infrastructure upgrade (1,000 Mbps download speed). 

The e-Sussex project delivered fibre to the premises infrastructure in its first two contracts as well as superfast fibre through cabinets, with the third contract delivering solely gigabit-capable infrastructure.

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