South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP)

SELEP is a partnership of business, government, education and other groups. It covers the local authority areas of:

  • East Sussex
  • Essex
  • Kent
  • Medway
  • Southend
  • Thurrock

Visit the SELEP’s website for current priorities and strategies.

Team East Sussex (TES)

TES is SELEP’s local federated board for East Sussex. TES is responsible for:

  • Agreeing the strategic priorities for the county
  • Driving forward the East Sussex Growth Strategy
  • Allocation of SELEP funds to East Sussex projects
  • Project monitoring
  • Representing East Sussex at the SELEP Strategic Board

Team East Sussex

Skills East Sussex (SES)

SES is the county’s strategic body for employment and skills. The group aims to drive an improvement in local employment and skills. This in turn increases economic prosperity in East Sussex. It agrees and sets priorities based on a firm evidence base. These priorities provide direction for the county’s approach to employment and skills.

Skills East Sussex

Developers East Sussex (DES)

DES is a subgroup of Team East Sussex. They take an active role in the delivery of quality sustainable development in East Sussex. DES aims to represent all developers in East Sussex. The group includes small or large:

  • Commercial and residential companies
  • Private companies
  • Housing associations
  • Public bodies and owners
  • Planners
  • Construction companies.

DES is committed to making a difference to East Sussex’s growth agenda to bring about:

  • Deliverable, high quality and sustainable development.
  • A functional property market.
  • Growth in jobs and housing.

Developers East Sussex

South East Creative Economy Network (SECEN)

SECEN is a sub-group of the South East LEP. The group includes local authorities, creative businesses and education bodies. It works to accelerate growth in the digital, creative and cultural sector.

South East Creative Economy Network

Enterprise Adviser Network (EAN)

The EAN engages local businesses from a range of sectors to partner with local schools and colleges. Providing advice and support, EAN helps to shape careers and skills education.

Enterprise Adviser Network