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How we support local businesses

There are a number of ways we support local businesses. We have committed to making it easier for local companies and enterprises to do business with us by signing-up to the Voluntary Sector Compact (2005, renewed 2012) and the Government’s SME Concordat (2006).

We are working with Sussex Chamber of Commerce and councils across Sussex to offer:

  • A standard pre-qualification questionnaire for tenders not subject to European advertisement, to be used by all Sussex councils.
  • The same information on all council websites about how to do business with each council.
  • All business opportunities will be advertised on all Sussex council websites.
  • Links between council websites and the Sussex Chamber of Commerce website to give you easy access to procurement information.
  • Consideration of community benefit and corporate social responsibility as a tender evaluation criteria, and training events for you to find out more about this support.

Councils across Sussex are sharing business opportunities, especially in non-critical, hard to value areas of spending where local sourcing may be the best procurement option.