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Links policy

This policy sets out East Sussex County Council’s position on linking to and from our website.

Linking to our site

You are welcome to link to East Sussex County Council’s website. We would appreciate being informed of any link to our site. Email the Web Team.

East Sussex County Council receives many such requests, and retains the right to withdraw this permission without explanation or notice if in our judgement use of such links is excessive or inappropriate.

Links made to East Sussex County Council’s website should not infer any endorsement or partnership by the Council of that site and its services or products, where such an agreement is not applicable.

Reciprocal links cannot be guaranteed due to the number of requests we receive to link to external websites.

East Sussex County Council does not allow use of its logo without prior written agreement from the Council.

Linking from our site

East Sussex County Council’s site contains links to websites operated by other parties. Although we look at all sites carefully to assess their reliability and content, the Council is not responsible for the reliability or content of the websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within the websites or any association with their operators. We are not responsible for updating the websites. We cannot guarantee that the links will work all the time, and we do not have any control over the availability of the linked pages.

East Sussex County Council usually includes links to other websites that conform to one or more of the following criteria:

  • being directly related to the work we do
  • belonging to partner organisations
  • government websites
  • specific page or pages of information or a document that offers more detail relating to content on our website

In relation to requests for links, the editor’s decision will be final.