County Council election, Thursday 2 May 2013

County council election results have been declared. Find out who has been elected as your county councillor. This information is also available as an interactive map.

Map of East Sussex, divided into electoral divisions

Key to parties

Blue: Conservative
20 seats
Yellow: Liberal Democrat
10 seats
Red: Labour
7 seats
Purple: UK Independence
7 seats
White: Independent
3 seats
Grey: No description
2 seats
Green: Green
0 seats
Teal: Labour and Co-operative
0 seats
Forest Row Crowborough Wadhurst Rother North West Northern Rother Rye & Eastern Rother Brede Valley & Marsham Baird & Ore Old Hastings & Tressell Braybrooke & Castle St Helens & Silverhill Central St Leonards & Gensing Hollington & Wishing Tree Ashdown & Conquest Maze Hill & West St Leonards Bexhill East Bexhill King Offa Bexhill West Devonshire Sovereign St Anthony's Langney Hampden Park Ratton Upperton Old Town Meads Pevensey & Westham Battle & Crowhurst Heathfield Seaford Sutton Polegate, Willingdon & East Dean Hailsham & Herstmonceux Seaford Blatchington Ouse Valley East Peacehaven & Telscombe Towns Newhaven & Ouse Valley West Lewes Alfriston, East Hoathly & Hellingly Uckfield Framfield & Horam Ringmer & Lewes Bridge Chailey Buxted Maresfield

Alfriston, East Hoathly & Hellingly, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 9,610.
  • Turnout: 34.2%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Bennett, NickConservative1,27238.8%Yes
Docker, DanUK Independence1,13134.5%No
Serpell, TomLabour32710%No
Watkins, AndyLiberal Democrat55216.8%No

Conservative win.

Ashdown & Conquest, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,714.
  • Turnout: 30.5%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Burton, Paul AnthonyLiberal Democrat1284.8%No
Murphy, StuartLabour61923.3%No
Pragnell, Peter WilliamConservative1,06140%Yes
Thorogood, DougUK Independence84631.9%No

Conservative win.

Baird & Ore, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,302.
  • Turnout: 30.4%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Atkins, LiamConservative67030.1%No
Davis, WillGreen783.5%No
Tudgay, KateLiberal Democrat683.1%No
Willard, Paul ChristopherUK Independence53524.1%No
Wincott, MichaelLabour87239.2%Yes

Labour win.

Battle & Crowhurst, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,472.
  • Turnout: 34.9%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Doodes, PamConservative62123.8%No
Field, Kathryn MargaretLiberal Democrat1,13143.3%Yes
Foy, TomUK Independence60623.2%No
MacPherson, TimLabour2529.7%No

Liberal Democrat win.

Bexhill East, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,633.
  • Turnout: 32.8%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Bastin, Geoffrey BernardUK Independence61924.8%No
Bond, Vivienne BarbaraLiberal Democrat25910.4%No
Clark, Charles AlbertIndependent87935.1%Yes
Coughlan, Philipa JaneLabour27210.9%No
Kenward, Martin JohnConservative47218.9%No

Independent win.

Bexhill King Offa, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 19,018.
  • Total possible votes: 38,036.
  • Turnout: 28%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Bearne, Alan MichaelLabour1,0219.6%No
Clout, Yvonne RosemaryUK Independence1,52914.4%No
Courtel, Paul CharlesLabour9528.9%No
Crotty, Andrew JohnIndependent7236.8%No
Dixon, Tracy AnnLiberal Democrat2702.5%No
Ensor, Michael DavidConservative1,69315.9%Yes
Hughes, JoyConservative1,44513.6%No
Laybourne, Yolanda Frances EileenIndependent8958.4%No
Phillips, Michael SheridanUK Independence1,62915.3%Yes
Wood, StuartLiberal Democrat4974.7%No

Conservative/UK Independence win (one seat each).

Bexhill West, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,839.
  • Turnout: 39.9%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Cleland, YvonneLabour1695.4%No
Earl, Stuart HenryIndependent1,33442.6%Yes
Hollingsworth, Nichollas CraigConservative81226%No
Lovell, AlfUK Independence72023%No
Zipperlen, John MichaelLiberal Democrat933%No

Independent win.

Braybrooke & Castle, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,231.
  • Turnout: 30.3%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Daniel, GodfreyLabour1,39656%Yes
Evans, Maya AnnaGreen25510.2%No
Lavender, JayUK Independence39916%No
Lock, Matthew JulianConservative32913.2%No
Rayment, Stewart GregoryLiberal Democrat1134.5%No

Labour win.

Brede Valley & Marsham, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,383.
  • Turnout: 36.3%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Lee, Jonathan PaulLabour50318.8%No
Lewcock, ChrisLiberal Democrat1425.3%No
Maynard, Carl RaymondConservative1,19544.6%Yes
Stokes, CliffUK Independence83731.3%No

Conservative win.

Buxted Maresfield, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,767.
  • Turnout: 32.8%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Galley, RoyConservative1,47851.4%Yes
Meredeen, BruceLabour2438.5%No
Robards, TonyUK Independence84529.4%No
Whittle, Martha AmandaLiberal Democrat30910.7%No

Conservative win.

Central St. Leonards & Gensing, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,462.
  • Turnout: 25.5%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Bossano, MaresaGreen22810.5%No
Hopgood, Graham PaulLiberal Democrat1135.2%No
McIver, Michael DavidUK Independence45220.9%No
Waterfall, John RichardConservative34916.1%No
Webb, Trevor EdwardLabour1,02047.2%Yes

Labour win.

Chailey, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 9,758.
  • Turnout: 36.2%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Adsett-Knutsen, GeorgeLabour2196.2%No
Large, TamUK Independence66218.7%No
Luetchford, AlexGreen2226.3%No
Osborne, Sarah JaneLiberal Democrat81223%No
Sheppard, JimConservative1,62145.8%Yes

Conservative win.

Crowborough, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 16,653.
  • Total possible votes: 33,306.
  • Turnout: 26.8%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Clegg, BrendanLabour4695.3%No
Crampton, Anna-MarieUK Independence1,15713%No
Finch, Sonia LucyUK Independence1,12712.6%No
Isted, StephenIndependent1,18913.3%No
Johnstone, Beverley AnnLiberal Democrat3403.8%No
Mason, Scott HarveyGreen3253.6%No
Neeves, DaveLabour3934.4%No
Shaw, DavidLiberal Democrat3273.7%No
Stogdon, RichardConservative1,86620.9%Yes
Tidy, Sylvia MaryConservative1,72319.3%Yes

Conservative win (two seats).

Devonshire, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,425.
  • Turnout: 27%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Gell, KeithIndependent482.1%No
Lacey, BobUK Independence63828.1%No
Murdoch, ColinConservative32214.2%No
Stonestreet, GerryLabour37316.4%No
Wallis, SteveLiberal Democrat89339.3%Yes

Liberal Democrat win.

Forest Row, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 9,040.
  • Turnout: 30.4%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Griffiths, Peter JohnUK Independence79528.9%No
Obbard, Keith DavidGreen43315.7%No
O'Sullivan, Kevin StephenLabour1585.7%No
Rycroft, ChrisLiberal Democrat2699.8%No
Whetstone, FrancisConservative1,09539.8%Yes

Conservative win.

Framfield & Horam, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 9,007.
  • Turnout: 32.2%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Dowling, Christopher DavidConservative1,41548.8%Yes
Harker, Michael JamesLiberal Democrat2759.5%No
Rumbold, Elisabeth MargaretLabour2769.5%No
Shevill, Graham JohnUK Independence93532.2%No

Conservative win.

Hailsham & Herstmonceux, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 17,266.
  • Total possible votes: 34,532.
  • Turnout: 27.2%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Bentley, BillConservative1,85919.8%Yes
Cross, Steven HarveyLabour6567%No
Holbrook, Paul StevenLiberal Democrat6607%No
Keeley, Laurence VictorUK Independence1,89220.2%Yes
McCarthy, Roger FrancisLabour5325.7%No
Morgan, Graham DavidLiberal Democrat4935.3%No
Thomas, RogerConservative1,51516.2%No
Younge, DavidUK Independence1,76918.9%No

Conservative/UK Independence win (one seat each).

Hampden Park, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,412.
  • Turnout: 29.1%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Blanch, MikeLiberal Democrat85939.8%Yes
Brown, Paul AlanUK Independence60928.2%No
Howe, SimonConservative41519.2%No
Richards, Paul AdrianLabour27712.8%No

Liberal Democrat win.

Heathfield, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,225.
  • Turnout: 30.7%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Austen-White, Craig JamesLabour26510.5%No
Benson, JimLiberal Democrat2068.2%No
Docker, JulieUK Independence79831.6%No
Simmons, Rupert Alexander JamesConservative1,25349.7%Yes

Conservative win.

Hollington & Wishing Tree, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,347.
  • Turnout: 26%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Barry, Nigel WilliamConservative32214.8%No
Burton, VanessaLiberal Democrat994.6%No
Pankhurst, KenUK Independence59627.5%No
Scott, PhilLabour1,15253.1%Yes

Labour win.

Langney, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,864.
  • Turnout: 28.5%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Comfort, LeeLabour29913.3%No
Jenkins, Gordon WilliamConservative29913.3%No
Kefallinos, DianeUK Independence55724.8%No
Shuttleworth, AlanLiberal Democrat1,09048.6%Yes

Liberal Democrat win.

Lewes, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,874.
  • Turnout: 45.2%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Bell, Joyce DixonLiberal Democrat3057.6%No
Burman, RoyConservative1523.8%No
Edmunds, DonnaUK Independence2315.8%No
O'Keeffe, RuthIndependent2,38559.5%Yes
Stirling, AlfieGreen59214.8%No
Weiner, GabyLabour3428.5%No

Independent win.

Maze Hill & West St. Leonards, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,095.
  • Turnout: 29.9%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Evans, Sarah FrancesGreen1305.4%No
Forward, KimLabour86135.6%Yes
Jary, Markham LauranceUK Independence53222%No
Lee, RobConservative79632.9%No
Tait, SueLiberal Democrat1004.1%No

Labour win.

Meads, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,062.
  • Turnout: 38.1%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Beckmann, Linda ElizabethLiberal Democrat51016.6%No
Forsyth, DorothyGreen1695.5%No
Scard, Dennis LeslieLabour2799.1%No
Taylor, Barry EdwardConservative1,26141%Yes
Thornton, Alan CharlesUK Independence85527.8%No

Conservative win.

Newhaven & Ouse Valley West, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,286.
  • Turnout: 30.2%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Bradbury, TonyConservative54021.6%No
Butler, Carla JayneLiberal Democrat78431.3%Yes
Cork, GeorgeUK Independence72428.9%No
Price, AshleyGreen1405.6%No
Woodling, JanLabour31712.7%No

Liberal Democrat win.

Northern Rother, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,242.
  • Turnout: 34.7%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Davies, Angharad ElizabethConservative1,22242.7%Yes
Gooding, Trevor DouglasUK Independence82428.8%No
Prochak, SueLiberal Democrat81828.6%No

Conservative win.

Old Hastings & Tressell, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,871.
  • Turnout: 27.8%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Birch, Jeremy PeterLabour1,07649.2%Yes
Dodwell, Christopher JamesLiberal Democrat974.4%No
Hart, Sally-AnnConservative34215.6%No
Phillips, SallyGreen1828.3%No
Wallace, Peter RendalUK Independence49222.5%No

Labour win.

Old Hastings and Tressell by-election, 9 July 2015

  • People who can vote: 7,551.
  • Turnout: 22.5%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
CHARMAN, TaniaLabour96156.5%Yes
COOKE, RobertConservative36821.6%No
NEEDHAM, Andrea HelenGreen1498.8%No
NORTON, SebastianUK Independence17410.2%No
RAYMENT, Stewart GregoryLiberal Democrat482.8%No

Labour win.

Old Town, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,370.
  • Turnout: 40.6%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Angel, AnneConservative1,05431%No
Greaves, DavidUK Independence61318%No
Richards, Sarah ElizabethLabour2758.1%No
Ungar, JohnLiberal Democrat1,45742.9%Yes

Liberal Democrat win.

Ouse Valley East, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,661.
  • Turnout: 38.5%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Charlton, PeterUK Independence93431.6%Yes
Denis, JohnnyGreen1515.1%No
Foxwell, RogerIndependent48616.5%No
Hopper, Trevor HughLabour1866.3%No
Robertson, RobbieConservative66322.5%No
Saunders, SteveLiberal Democrat53218%No

UK Independence win.

Peacehaven & Telscombe Towns, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 16,770.
  • Total possible votes: 33,540.
  • Turnout: 33.6%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Buchanan, Ian VerdunUK Independence2,23619.8%Yes
Carden, JohnLabour and Co-operative1,1199.9%No
Howson, PhilUK Independence2,23219.8%Yes
Livings, JohnConservative2,14819%No
Rapley, Keith JosephGreen1991.8%No
Robinson, ChristineLabour and Co-operative1,1169.9%No
Ross, Adrian NormanGreen2071.8%No
Smith, AndyConservative2,02718%No

UK Independence win (two seats).

Pevensey & Westham, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,625.
  • Turnout: 32.7%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Freebody, Tony GrahamConservative99139.7%No
Hills, RachelLiberal Democrat1365.5%No
Pursglove, MikeUK Independence1,09643.9%Yes
Slater, RobertLabour27210.9%No

UK Independence win.

Polegate, Willingdon & East Dean, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 14,493.
  • Total possible votes: 28,986.
  • Turnout: 39.2%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Broadbent, DonLiberal Democrat5955.2%No
Goodwin, BernieUK Independence1,28911.4%No
Goodwin, Maureen JoyceUK Independence1,0479.2%No
Mthobi, AlexLabour2302%No
Murray, Douglas MalcolmConservative1,0999.7%No
Popek, Simon Jamie NicholasConservative8757.7%No
Shing, DanielNo description2,79324.6%Yes
Shing, StephenNo description3,06627%Yes
Slater, RobLiberal Democrat3563.1%No

No description win (two seats).

Ratton, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,759.
  • Turnout: 38.7%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Belsey, Colin SidneyConservative1,22440.7%Yes
Grigg, AnneLabour2217.4%No
Stagnell, RogerUK Independence88129.3%No
Stanley, Neil David AloysiusLiberal Democrat55918.6%No
Sterenberg, Ann ChristineGreen1214%No

Conservative win.

Ringmer & Lewes Bridge, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 9,060.
  • Turnout: 37.7%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Blair, Louis RobertLabour3269.5%No
Kent, MattIndependent40711.9%No
Murray, Susan JeanGreen2988.7%No
St Pierre, Rosalyn MaryLiberal Democrat1,10332.3%Yes
Turner, Richard JohnConservative70820.7%No
Wilson, Ian PattersonUK Independence57416.8%No

Liberal Democrat win.

Rother North West, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,511.
  • Turnout: 32.8%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Barnes, JohnConservative1,15847%Yes
Barrass, SteveLiberal Democrat29111.8%No
Husbands, Christopher TLabour1666.7%No
Nicholls, DonGreen1706.9%No
Smith, TonyUK Independence67727.5%No

Conservative win.

Rye & Eastern Rother, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,357.
  • Turnout: 36.2%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Glazier, Keith JohnConservative96336.1%Yes
Hillier-Palmer, Peter VictorLiberal Democrat1716.4%No
McKenzie, Michael JohnUK Independence88433.2%No
Warren, NickLabour64724.3%No

Conservative win.

Seaford Blatchington, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,941.
  • Turnout: 35.3%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Franklin, Paul LawrenceConservative70225.1%No
Lambert, CarolynLiberal Democrat90032.1%Yes
Murray, RogerGreen1334.7%No
Titford, Jeffrey WilliamUK Independence87331.2%No
Wheeler, Agnes EthelLabour1946.9%No

Liberal Democrat win.

Seaford Sutton, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,507.
  • Turnout: 39.9%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Adeniji, SamConservative92730.9%No
Broome, PattiGreen1334.4%No
Carstairs, FrankUK Independence1,18939.7%Yes
Hambly, Peter StephenLabour1916.4%No
Hussain, EleasLiberal Democrat55718.6%No

UK Independence win.

Sovereign, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 9,255.
  • Turnout: 29.9%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Elkin, David WalterConservative1,08639.2%Yes
Goude, Richard HuntleyLabour2228%No
Harper, RobertUK Independence93033.6%No
Holt, SteveLiberal Democrat53119.2%No

Conservative win.

St. Anthony's, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,439.
  • Turnout: 31.8%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Culshaw, Ian DerekLabour1997.4%No
Norris, Hugh James PatrickGreen762.8%No
Tutt, David OwenLiberal Democrat1,30448.6%Yes
Warner, Patrick Hugh DanielConservative34913%No
Woodley, Christine AnnUK Independence75728.2%No

Liberal Democrat win.

St. Helens & Silverhill, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 7,538.
  • Turnout: 39.2%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Carey-Stuart, David CecilGreen1073.6%No
Hodges, John AlanLabour1,20640.8%Yes
Lock, Matthew RichardConservative99033.5%No
Smith, Paul RogerLiberal Democrat1033.5%No
Willard, KaraUK Independence55018.6%No

Labour win.

Uckfield, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,885.
  • Turnout: 32.3%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Dowling, Claire BarbaraConservative92832.3%Yes
Horlock, Christopher JohnLabour29810.4%No
Mayo, MikeUK Independence76426.6%No
Sparks, Paul JohnLiberal Democrat88030.7%No

Conservative win.

Upperton, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 8,086.
  • Turnout: 37.5%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Liddiard, TomConservative98132.4%No
Quanstrom, MatthewLabour2357.8%No
Rodohan, PatLiberal Democrat1,22540.4%Yes
Sheehan, Amanda JaneUK Independence59119.5%No

Liberal Democrat win.

Wadhurst, 2 May 2013

  • People who can vote: 9,487.
  • Turnout: 32.1%.
CandidatePartyVotes% of votesElected?
Barrass, GavinLiberal Democrat2668.7%No
Harvest, Felicity Mary-RoseLabour2698.8%No
Kent, Jonathan ChristopherGreen47515.6%No
Standley, BobConservative2,03766.9%Yes

Conservative win.

Data available in RDFa as part of the open election data project Licence for election data: Open Government Licence.