Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)

2. Information for employers

Employers in the East Sussex Pension Fund

The East Sussex Pension Fund is administered by East Sussex County Council, but other councils and public authorities can join the scheme. All employers, together with their contribution rates, are listed in the Participating employers document.

2018 Annual Employer Forum for the East Sussex Pension Fund

The 2018 Annual Employer Forum was held Friday 23rd November at the Amex Stadium, Falmer. This year various subjects were covered and you can view the presenters slides from the day.


This is the power given by the LGPS to enable an employer or/and the pension fund administering authority to choose how they will apply the scheme in respect of certain provisions.

A full list of the discretionary policies to be determined upon by Scheme employers, administering authorities and other parties is provided.

LGPS Employer Forms

Scheme Employers can download certain forms online, others can be obtained on request from the Pensions Team.

Teachers’ Pension Fund

Teachers have their own pension arrangements through the Teachers’ Pension Fund.

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