How we set Fees and Charges for services

What are Fees and Charges?

Fees and Charges are applied to certain services that we provide to the public and form part of funding of the County Council’s gross revenue budget.

The Council meeting in February 2016 approved the delegation to the Chief Finance Officer with authority to increase all current fees and charges by up to 2%, with the exception of:

  • Where there is a statutory requirement for the Council to approve an increase; or
  • new charges are being proposed; or
  • the level of proposed fee or charge is to be reduced; or
  • the level of the fee is to be increased by more than 2%.

A schedule of Fees and Charges approved by the Chief Finance Officer for the 2018/19 financial year is set below:

CFO Approval of Fees and Charges 2018–19

Appendix 1 – Schedule of Fees and Charges 2018–19

Additional Schedule of Fees and Charges 2018–19

Details on the budget setting and approval process

The charges that fall outside of the Chief Finance Officers approval form part of the annual budget setting process, and is contained in the Reconciling Policy, Performance and Resources (RPPR) report.

Decisions on this report are discussed and approved by our Cabinet, with the final budget being announced and agreed at full County Council meetings.

The reports and minutes for these meetings are all published on our website: