Finance and council tax

Paying your council tax

Links to your local district or borough council for enquiries about council tax payments and benefits, and details of how the amount is calculated and where that money goes.

How we have spent your money

Details of our Annual Statement of Accounts, including a summary version and payments to suppliers over £500.

How we plan to spend your money

Our council tax leaflets describe how the tax is made up and where your money is spent. Our Financial Budget Summary sets out our spending plans in more detail.

Overview of how local government finance works

How local government is financed and how central government decides how much money we receive.

How we look after your money

The measures we take to make sure our finances are managed responsibly.

How to tell us about fraud or corruption

Let us know in confidence if you think there is evidence of fraud or corruption.

Council budget for 2019/20

The council has agreed its budget as part of its three-year financial strategy.

Business rates

Who to contact about business rates and other business premises information.

How we set fees and charges

Details on how the council sets fees and charges for services provided to members of the public