Stand up for East Sussex

The petition has now closed, with nearly 6,000 signatures. It was open for 2 months and closed on 11 December 2017. The petition has now been sent to the Government to make the case for East Sussex.

Download PDF of the petition and signatures

We asked the people of East Sussex to sign our petition which calls on the Government to give our county a fairer deal.

East Sussex has made savings of £112 million since the start of the decade. That would have been enough to pay for the annual care of 5,600 vulnerable people or to fix 2 million potholes.

The petition

Our petition to the Prime Minister calls for an urgent re-think about the resources it gives to East Sussex and the real difficulties that cuts in funding mean for many people who live here.

We’re also ask for more power over the decisions which affect us, from where to invest in transport to how to help people get the skills they need for good jobs and higher wages.

We know that East Sussex is a wonderful place to grow up, work and retire. We work with all our partners to carefully manage the resources we have and build on our successes wherever we can.

But we are telling the Government that we need a fair deal for East Sussex, one that recognises our particular needs and situation. Every signature will help, we hope as many people as possible who live or work in East Sussex will take a minute to add their name to the petition.

In full the petition calls on the Government to:

  • Provide sufficient funding for all local government services
  • Provide a further funding settlement for Adult Social Care services past 2019/20 to ensure stability in the short term
  • Grant permission for an Accountable Care Organisation in East Sussex to deliver full health and social care integration and the highest quality care for residents
  • Empower and adequately fund Transport for the South East, a sub-national transport body, to invest in regional transport infrastructure
  • Include improvements to the A27 and A21 in the new Road Investment Strategy and invest in High Speed Rail to Hastings
  • Devolve 16–19 skills funding and the Adult Education Budget to ESCC so it can work with partners to match the skills local businesses need with the skills education provided locally

#StandUpForEastSussex - our video campaign asking residents to sign the petition

We’re asking Government for a long-term funding plan to maintain our schools’ success:

Stand up for East Sussex – Education

Spending on services is down by £112m in the last 10 yrs – enough to fix 2 million potholes. Out transport network needs a fairer deal:

Stand up for East Sussex – Transport

On average, East Sussex people earn £2,500 less than residents in other parts of the country. Jobs and the economy is an area that would really benefit from a fairer funding deal:

Stand up for East Sussex – Jobs and Economy

East Sussex has a much higher elderly population than the national average – and it’s rising which means more people need care. We’re asking Government for funding which reflects the true cost of looking after people. Please sign the petition:

Stand up for East Sussex – Health