Speaking at Planning Committee meetings

Members of the public can now speak at Planning Committee meetings. Up to six people will be allowed to speak about each planning application and traffic order on the meeting’s agenda. Three people can speak in support and three against.

How to apply to speak at these meetings

If you wish to speak at a planning meeting, you must first send us your opinions on the planning application or proposed traffic order. These opinions must be received, in writing, at least seven days in advance of the meeting. To request a chance to speak you must then telephone us no later than midday on the Friday before the meeting (contact details are available in the document below).

If more than three individuals or representatives wish to raise similar points, then we will ask you all to agree amongst yourselves about who should speak for you. If necessary the chair of the committee will decide which members of the public may speak on the issue.

For full details of the process for speaking at these meetings please download the document below.

Contact details for the Planning Committee.

Before July 2006 this committee was known as the Planning & Highways Sub Committee.


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