How the Standards Committee deals with complaints

The Standards Committee is responsible for promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by councillors and other members such as church and parent governor representatives.

The following documents set out the terms of reference of the sub committees, and the Monitoring Officer protocol. They also include the guidance provided to the Standards Committee to help them when they deal with complaints about councillors.

You can find the Standards Committee’s main terms of reference in the constitution of the Council.


Monitoring officer protocol
Guidance for the monitoring officer on dealing with a complaint about a councillor.

Assessment Sub Committee terms of reference
Guidance for the Assessment Sub Committee when dealing with a complaint.

Hearing Sub Committee terms of reference
Guidance for the Hearing Sub Committee when dealing with complaints.

Complaints process
The Standards Committee complaints process.

Standards Committee assessment criteria
How the Standards Committee may assess a complaint.

Hearing Procedure

The following process will be followed when a decision has been taken that a hearing, as to whether a Member has breached the code of conduct, is required.