Director of Children's Services – Stuart Gallimore


We have set out our proposals for delivering services in East Sussex in the current financial climate. See A core offer for East Sussex.

Stuart is responsible for children’s social services, school improvement and childcare. He also has lead responsibility for the County Council for the East Sussex Children’s and Young People’s Trust, and the Children’s Services department. The Council is the Children’s Services Authority.

Stuart Gallimore - Director of Children's Services
Stuart Gallimore

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Safeguarding children and securing delivery of the County Council’s corporate parenting duties;
  • local Safeguarding Children’s Board;
  • planning and funding early years education and childcare;
  • statutory duties in relation to children with special educational needs;
  • providing or ensuring sufficient school places for pupils aged 5–18;
  • standards in all schools;
  • support for vulnerable children, young people and families including early help services and youth support;
  • East Sussex Better Together (ESBT) Programme Board; and
  • Connecting 4 You (C4Y) Programme Board.

Other Council duties

  • Health and Well Being Board member
  • East Sussex Youth Offending Team Steering Group (YOT)
  • East Sussex Children’s and Young People’s Trust Executive Group



For general enquiries or information and advice about Children’s Services, please contact: