Assistant Chief Executive – Philip Baker


We have set out our proposals for delivering services in East Sussex in the current financial climate. See A core offer for East Sussex.

Philip Baker - Assistant Chief Executive
Philip Baker

Philip is the Council’s Solicitor and Monitoring Officer and has responsibility for leading the Governance Services Department.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Legal Services – legal team providing legal advice for Councillors and Council departments and ensuring that the Council always operates legally;
  • Member Services – includes democratic services and scrutiny and has responsibilty for the Council’s constitution and decision-making arrangements;
  • Coroner’s Services – HM Coroner, who conducts postmortems and inquests;
  • Communications – ensuring that the Council handles media enquiries and keeps the public informed about its priorities and services; and
  • Corporate Voluntary and Community Sector – liaison, partnership and direct support to the voluntary community sector.


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