Keeping vulnerable people safe

Priority overview

Ensuring vulnerable children and adults are safe is one of our key priorities and responsibilities to the community.

There will always be children and adults who cannot be looked after at home by their families. Where it is clear this is the case for children, we will intervene early and find permanent or long-term placements for them through fostering or adoption where appropriate. We will also ensure that vulnerable adults are safeguarded whether they are looked after at home or somewhere else.

Examples of planned work during 2019/20

  • We will ensure effective targeting of Child Protection Plans
  • We will continue to help victims of mass marketing fraud
  • We will support people who have been a victim of sexual violence and domestic abuse through the specialist domestic abuse and sexual violence service
  • We will support and protect members of the community from rogue traders through our Trading Standards Rapid Action Team

Performance measures and targets

Take a look at the targets we have set to measure our progress against delivering the aims under this priority:

Delivery outcomes

State of the County 2017/18

We review a wide range of data about East Sussex to help us understand the context for our plans and the impact we are having through our work and in partnership. We publish this data each year in our State of the County report when we start the planning process that leads to this Council Plan.

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