Driving sustainable economic growth

Priority overview

A thriving economy in East Sussex is key to the wellbeing of the county. Ensuring that local people have access to well-paid employment will have positive impacts on the health and education outcomes of our young people, and will mean that they are less dependent on shrinking public sector resources. Growing a sustainable economy will increase the resources we can raise locally to provide the services needed by the most vulnerable people in our society, which is becoming increasingly important as central Government funding reduces and is replaced with local funding.

Examples of planned work during 2020/21

  • Construction of the Newhaven Port Access Road will be completed and work will continue on the Queensway Gateway Road
  • We will deliver our third phase of works with BT to ensure as close to 100% of premises in the county as possible have access to superfast broadband
  • We will continue to ensure at least 54% of the Council’s procurement spend is with local companies
  • Our Social Value Measurement Charter (SVMC) will continue to boost the level of social value secured from Council procured contracts

Performance measures and targets

Take a look at the targets we have set to measure our progress against delivering the outcomes under this priority:

Delivery outcomes

State of the County 2018/19

We review a wide range of data about East Sussex to help us understand the context for our plans and the impact we are having through our work and in partnership. We publish this data each year in our State of the County report when we start the planning process that leads to this Council Plan.

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DSEG Newhaven Port Access Road Construction
Construction of the Newhaven Port Access Road