Making best use of resources

Priority overview

This priority underpins all our activities and is a key measure of success for all our priority outcomes. It applies to all the resources available for East Sussex, not only within the Council, but across the public sector, voluntary and community sector and private partners, and within local communities. We will work as a single unified organisation to deliver our priorities; ensuring high quality, streamlined services are commissioned and developed in partnership; working to reduce demand for services and focusing on our residents and communities.

Examples of planned work during 2020/21

  • We will continue to embed the Orbis partnership; making cost savings while providing more effective and efficient services
  • We will reduce the cost of the buildings we occupy and the amount of CO2 produced from Council operations
  • We will maintain or reduce the number of working days lost to sickness absence

Performance measures and targets

Take a look at the targets we have set to measure our progress against delivering the aims under this priority:

Delivery outcomes

State of the County 2018/19

We review a wide range of data about East Sussex to help us understand the context for our plans and the impact we are having through our work and in partnership. We publish this data each year in our State of the County report when we start the planning process that leads to this Council Plan.

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