Our Priorities

The Council has four overarching priority outcomes: driving sustainable economic growth; keeping vulnerable people safe; helping people help themselves; and making best use of resources. Making best use of resources is the gateway priority through which any activity and accompanying resources must pass. The remaining three priority outcomes guide our activities, direct our resources and are reflected in our Council Plan activities and targets. As resources tighten, we will need to have an ever sharper focus on these priority areas, define clearly the outcomes we wish to achieve, and monitor our success in delivering these outcomes for the county’s residents, communities and businesses.

Driving sustainable economic growth

  • Employment and productivity rates are high throughout the county
  • Individuals, communities and business thrive in East Sussex with the environment and infrastructure to meet their needs
  • The workforce has and maintains the skills needed for good quality employment
  • All children progress well from early years to school leaver and into education, training and employment

Keeping vulnerable people safe

  • All vulnerable people in East Sussex are known to relevant local agencies and services are delivered together to meet their needs
  • People feel safe at home
  • People feel safe with support services

Helping people help themselves

  • Commissioners and providers from all sectors put people first when providing services and information to help them meet their needs
  • The most vulnerable adults get the support they need to maintain their independence and this is provided at or close to home
  • Individuals and communities are supported and encouraged to be responsible, help others and make the most of community capacity and assets

Making best use of resources

  • Working as One Council, both through the processes we use and how we work across services
  • Working in partnership across the public, voluntary community, and private sectors to ensure that all available resources are used to deliver maximum benefits to local people
  • Ensuring we achieve value for money in the services we commission and provide
  • Maximising the funding available through bidding for funding and lobbying for the best deal for East Sussex
  • To help tackle Climate Change East Sussex County Council activities are carbon neutral as soon as possible and in any event by 2050
  • Applying strategic commissioning to ensure that resources are directed to meet local need