Council Plan 2020/21

This Council Plan sets out our ambitions and what we plan to achieve by 2023 for our four overarching priority outcomes: driving sustainable economic growth; keeping vulnerable people safe; helping people help themselves; and making best use of resources.

The Council provides services used by all residents in East Sussex, including providing care and support to children, families and the elderly; maintaining the roads and providing library services; and working to boost the local economy. We have a long term track record for delivery, producing excellent results for the public.

The Council’s resources have reduced in real terms since 2010 while demand, particularly for social care and health services, has grown significantly. The new Government elected in December 2019 has indicated its wish for a sustainable funding solution for social care and made additional funding available which is very welcome. Until a long term solution is agreed, however, we face an ongoing challenge. Grants from Government have reduced, so we depend on local council tax and business rates. These bear little relationship to the need for the services we provide for the young and elderly. As our resources do not reflect these realities, we will continue to adjust our services to match the funds we have. We have been democratic, open and honest in determining the best quality services we can provide, within available resources, as set out in our Core Offer. We consider this to be the realistic level of service we must provide, to both fulfil our statutory duties, but also meet local need. In doing this we have based our decisions on local evidence of need and what works and makes a difference locally.

We do not work in isolation, so we will work with all our partners to make sure there is a shared view of priorities and that we make the most of opportunities and resources available locally. We lobby hard to protect and promote the interests of East Sussex.

We have set a number of delivery outcomes under each overarching priority outcome. These shape the Council Plan performance measures and targets that are the main tool we use to assess our progress. We also keep track of a wide range of related key data evidencing local need in East Sussex. These help us assess our impact more fully and respond appropriately when we need to do so. We review this data when making our plans and publish them with our State of the County report each year. A selection of this information is provided throughout the plan and listed in more detail at the end.

As a member of the Environment Board for East Sussex, the Council is playing a role in developing an updated Environment Strategy for the county, and this is due to be published in 2020. The Council declared a climate emergency in October 2019, and is now working on plans to move towards carbon neutrality in all its operations as soon as possible, and by the latest 2050.

Work on these plans began before the Coronavirus developed in the UK, so much of the wording and many of the targets in them may need to be changed in due course to reflect the current circumstances. We have updated the plans in July and will continue to do so when there is further clarity on the effect the response to the virus has had on Council services.

You can also download the Council Plan 2020/2021.

Keith Glazier

Keith Glazier


Becky Shaw

Becky Shaw

Chief Executive