Council Plan 2016/17

This Council Plan sets out our ambitions and what we plan to achieve by 2019 for each of our four overarching priority outcomes: driving economic growth; keeping vulnerable people safe; helping people help themselves; and making best use of resources.

The next few years will see a fundamental and permanent change to the way the Council operates. While the overall size of the public sector is reducing our responsibilities are likely to expand as powers are devolved from Central Government to council partnerships. Service demand will also increase, particularly for social care and health services, at the same time local authorities will be expected to raise all funding locally through council tax and business rates. We will continue to respond with strong leadership and stay focused on our priority outcomes, using them to guide our partnership working, direct our resources and actions, and set Council Plan targets.

We will clearly define what we wish to achieve, explore how we can work best with all our partners locally and in the region, and monitor and assess our progress. We will base our decisions on local evidence of need and what works and makes a difference locally.

We have set a number of delivery outcomes under each overarching priority outcome. These have been used to shape the Council Plan performance measures and the targets that are the main tool we use to assess our progress. We also keep track of a wide range of key data about East Sussex and related to our priority outcomes. These help us assess our impact more fully and respond appropriately when we need to do so. We review this data when making our plans and publish them with our State of the County report each year. A selection of this information is provided throughout the plan and listed in more detail at the end.

You can also download the Council Plan 2016.17

Keith Glazier - Leader

Keith Glazier


Becky Shaw - Chief Executive

Becky Shaw

Chief Executive