A core offer for East Sussex

From support for those who need it most, to services for everyone – like roads and public health – our proposal is for a basic but decent level of service for East Sussex – the least you should reasonably be able to expect, even in this difficult financial climate.

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Tell us what you think

We’d like to know your views on our core offer to East Sussex and the public services it would include. The part the county council can play is likely to reduce over the coming years and it’s important to know how residents of East Sussex see the future.

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What is it?

With the needs of residents and businesses at its heart, the core offer sets out how we will provide the best service we can within the resources we have available. It is an ambitious but realistic plan to help us continue to deliver quality, value-for-money services where they’re most needed. Besides meeting our legal duties, we also want to grow the economy of East Sussex and make sure we monitor and invest resources where greater costs may otherwise pile up.

Why do we need a 'core offer'?

Demand for services is growing, while our funding from central Government is declining. We know that council tax increases can be difficult. We have already saved nearly £130 million this decade – enough to care for 5,790 vulnerable adults or fix 2.5 million potholes. But we still need to reduce costs by another £46 million over the next three years.

Our core offer takes these financial pressures into account and will help us plan and deliver the services which are most important to you.

What happens next?

The core offer was discussed at the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 13 November. We’re talking to residents, partners and community groups to get their views and that survey will run until 26 December.