Constitution of the Council

The County Council approved the Constitution in June 2001. It sets out the political decision making arrangements used by the Council. It explains the responsibilities of the Council, the Members and staff.

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Decision Making Arrangements

Part 1 – Summary and Explanation

Part 2 – Articles of the Constitution

Part 3 – Responsibility for Functions

Part 4 – Rules of Procedure

1A. Supplementary Standing Orders

  1. Council Procedure Rules
  2. Access to Information Procedure Rules
  3. Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules
  4. Cabinet Procedure Rules
  5. Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules
  6. Public Speaking at Meetings of the Planning Committee
  7. Financial Procedure Rules
  8. Procurement and Contract Standing Orders
  9. Officer Employment Procedure Rules

Part 5 – Codes and Protocols

  1. Members’ Code of Conduct
  2. Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy for Employees
  3. Code on Member/Employee Relationships
  4. Protocol on Decision Making
  5. Advice to Members Serving on Outside Bodies

Part 6 – Members’ Allowances Scheme

Whole Constitution

The whole constitution is available as a single PDF.