Scrutiny review of speed limits in urban areas

The Transport and Environment Scrutiny Committee reviewed speed limits in urban areas.

Aim of the review

The review board questioned whether it was desirable and feasible to extend the use of 20 mph zones in East Sussex.

Review board members


The review board came up with seven recommendations including:

  • piloting alternative ways to introduce 20 mph zones that involve residents more and minimise the use of conventional engineering measures;
  • better promotion of the reasons why 20 mph is the most appropriate speed limit for many residential and shopping streets in towns and some villages;
  • increasing consultation and involvement with local communities to help develop and support these schemes.


The review board produced a final report that you can download below. The report was considered at:

Progress updates

The board presented progess updates to the Transport and Environment Scrutiny Committee:


Scrutiny review of setting local speed limits in urban East Sussex (21 pages)