Scrutiny review of setting speed limits in rural East Sussex

The Transport and Environment Scrutiny Committee reviewed the setting of speed limits in rural East Sussex.

Aim of the review

The review board examined the clarity and implementation of the County Council’s traffic speed strategy.

The review board made site visits, surveyed affected parishes and sought the views of traffic police officers and County Council road safety officers.

Review board members

Councillor Chris Dowling (Chair)
Councillor Martin Kenward
Councillor Stephen Shing


The board’s main recommendations were:

  • traffic calming or vehicle-activated signs must generally be in place to reduce traffic speed before lower speed limits are introduced. This is a controversial point based partly on experience from elsewhere;
  • there should be a common, transparent approach to the use of vehicle-activated signs where they are used to support a reduced speed limit;
  • the County Council should seek to maximise contributions from housing developers to support road safety schemes;
  • the overall budget and the cost of different speed-reducing measures should be published;
  • a list of requests for speed reduction measures should be published showing how the criteria have been applied.

With a limited budget, the board felt that the latter measures would help reduce public frustration and the costs of handling long-term community campaigns for reduced speed limits.


The review board produced a final report that you can download below. The report was considered at:

Progress updates

The board presented progess updates to the Transport and Environment Scrutiny Committee:


Scrutiny review of setting local speed limits in rural East Sussex (23 pages)