Parish and town councils


We have set out our proposals for delivering services in East Sussex in the current financial climate. See A core offer for East Sussex.

Parish and town councils are elected local authorities. Town councils generally represent larger populations than parish councils. Not all parishes have councils. Parish councils are not church organisations.

East Sussex has 82 parish councils and 10 town councils, situated in Lewes, Rother and Wealden. There are no parish councils in Eastbourne and Hastings and no town council in Bexhill.

What do they do?

Parish and town councils work at the most local level of government. They do a great deal to improve local services and the quality of life in their communities. The councils differ in size and capacity.

Services they provide include:

  • allotments
  • cemeteries
  • litter bins
  • recreation fields
  • bus shelters
  • parish lighting
  • playgrounds.

The County Council may also delegate services, such as grass cutting and maintenance of rural signposts, to some parish or town councils.

Contact your parish or town council

Find contact details for parish and town councils in:

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Becoming a parish or town councillor

We regularly consult with parish and town councils before we make decisions that affect their community. Becoming a parish or town councillor is therefore an excellent way of influencing these decisions, and those of other organisations that affect your community.


Parish and town councillors are elected by local residents. Elections take place every four years. Parish and town council elections took place on 7 May 2015. Find out more about standing as a councillor:

Or contact your local parish council, above.

County councillors in your local parish

Find your local county councillor.