How scrutiny can challenge decisions made by Cabinet members


If scrutiny members think a Cabinet or lead member decision has been taken incorrectly, they have the right to request a ‘call-in’ of that decision. It will then be considered by a scrutiny committee.

The call-in must be requested by 3 members from the relevant scrutiny committee. They must give the Monitoring Officer the reasons for the call-in within 4 working days of the original decision being published.

If a call-in is successful, it will postpone the original decision and allow the scrutiny committee to consider it. A meeting of the appropriate scrutiny committee takes place within 10 working days of the permission to call-in the decision.

The options available to the scrutiny committee are to:

  • endorse the decision
  • refer the decision back to the original decision-maker, for example, a Cabinet or lead member, setting out the nature of its concerns
  • refer the matter to full Council, setting out the reasons for the referral

After receiving the response the decision-maker might proceed with the original decision, or make an amended decision.