Scrutiny committees and Audit Committee

The County Council scrutiny committees are made up of councillors from different political parties and co-opted members from outside the Council. Each committee meets 4 times a year.

In addition, the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) includes members from other organisations.

People Scrutiny Committee
Scrutinises care services for residents, including residential care state education, other childcare services and sensory care services. Also looks at community safety and public health.

Place Scrutiny Committee
Scrutinises road maintenance, public transport, management of the local environment and trading standards, libraries and archives, registrars and the voluntary sector.

Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC)
Looks at the work of local NHS organisations.

Audit Committee
Looks at budgeting, audit, risk management and finances.

2018 Review of scrutiny arrangements

In 2018 the County Council agreed to change its scrutiny arrangements, and form 2 scrutiny committees (People and Place) and an Audit Committee. The arrangements for HOSC were kept as they were. Details can be found in the Council’s meeting papers for 27 March 2018.