East Sussex Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) newsletter

HOSC to scrutinise proposals for the future of Eastbourne walk-in centre

HOSC will consider at its next meeting whether updated proposals for the future of Eastbourne walk-in centre constitute a substantial variation to services, requiring formal consultation with the Committee in accordance with health legislation.

The Committee considered the original proposals – the planned closure of the walk-in centre – to be a substantial change back in March 2018, however, the CCGs paused the process and have since undertaken a period of engagement with stakeholders in Eastbourne in order to review their plans.

At its most recent meeting, the HOSC questioned whether the proposals to turn Hastings walk-in centre into a primary care led hub would also be developed at Eastbourne walk-in centre.

Jessica Britton explained that it was difficult to comment on the Eastbourne proposals in advance of the plans being finalised in November. She confirmed, however, that the issues raised by people during the engagement work in Eastbourne will be given due consideration ahead of any proposals being published.

The Committee will also consider a report on the procurement of a new Patient Transport Service (PTS) for 2020 onwards and the East Sussex health and social care system’s plans to deal with increased demand over the winter period.

The meeting will be webcast live on 28 November at 10am.