Trading Standards reporting form

Please do not use this form if you require advice about goods or services that you have purchased. If you need advice, please contact the fully trained advisers at the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133 or by using their online reporting form. They will also pass the details you provide to Trading Standards for information.

Your report may be passed to a third party such as the police. Read the privacy notice.

About the incident

Please explain where the incident/issue happened or is happening, including the address and postcode. If there is no specific address, please state the general location.
If the incident/issue happened on social media, please include a link to the profile, group or conversation.
This could be the names of individuals or companies, phone numbers, websites, vehicle registrations or descriptions of the people involved.

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Although we would prefer you to input your personal details so we can contact you for further information if needed, you can submit this report anonymously.

Please be advised that Trading Standards will only contact you if we require further information.

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