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Bird flu (avian influenza) cases in East Sussex

On 19 May 2023, the Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has confirmed a case of avian influenza (bird flu) in poultry at a premises near East Hoathly.

All poultry on the premises will be humanely culled, and Defra has set up a 3-kilometre Protection Zone around the premises and a 10km surveillance zone- arcgis.com

Poultry keepers survey 

Anyone who lives within the 3km Protection Zone and keeps poultry will need to complete a survey of birds kept. This will help scientists assess the risk of spread among birds.

The survey will be carried out from Monday 22 May. Council officers will be in the area and will visit premises in the Protection Zone to collect information about any poultry kept at that address.

Birds within the 3km zone should be kept housed, not outdoors. No movement of birds or eggs should take place within, or out of, the 3km zone except under license.

Risk to the public

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has said that bird flu is primarily a disease of birds and the risk to the general public’s health is very low.

East Sussex County Council, Wealden District Council and other local partners are working with Defra to contain further spread.

If you find dead birds

If you find small numbers of dead wild birds you can dispose of them in household or municipal bins, following the government’s advice: Removing and disposing of dead wild birds - GOV.UK.

There is no need to report dead birds unless you find a large number of them in one place.