A guide to Blue Badges


From next year, people with ‘hidden’ disabilities will be able to apply for Blue Badges. Hidden disabilities include autism, anxiety and cognitive issues. Please note: you won’t be able to apply for until early next year when the scheme has been extended by the Department for Transport.

4. Return a badge

It is important that a Blue Badge is returned to us if:

  • a new badge has been issued (we need you to return the expired badge)
  • the badge has expired
  • the badge holder no longer needs it
  • the badge holder dies
  • the badge holder stops being eligible for the badge
  • a duplicate badge has been issued in place of a lost or stolen badge and the original badge is subsequently recovered; this must be returned, as the recovered badge will be invalid.

Please return the badge to:

Blue Badge Team
St. Mary’s House
52 St. Leonards Road
Eastbourne BN21 3UU

When a badge is returned to us it is securely destroyed in accordance with the council’s safe disposal policy. You may remove your photograph before sending your badge back to us.

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