A guide to Blue Badges


From next year, people with ‘hidden’ disabilities will be able to apply for Blue Badges. Hidden disabilities include autism, anxiety and cognitive issues. Please note: you won’t be able to apply for until early next year when the scheme has been extended by the Department for Transport.

2. Appeal a refusal

After your application and assessment, if we decide you don’t qualify for a Blue Badge, we’ll send you details explaining why.

If you don’t think we’ve considered all the information, you can appeal and we will review your application.

You need to contact us within 28 days from the date we made our final decision. You must also include any further medical evidence or information to support your appeal this will help to show why you feel our decision is incorrect. This must be new evidence not previously considered.

It is your responsibility to supply further medical evidence in support of your appeal. Without new medical evidence your appeal cannot be looked at.

Anything you wish to submit in writing should be sent to:

Lynne Donnelly

Practice Manager
Blue Badge Team
St Mary’s House
52 St. Leonard’s Road
BN21 3UU

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