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Physical activity resources

  • Boccia balls
    Boccia is a fantastic sport which can be enjoyed by everyone – anytime and anywhere. It is played in sports clubs, schools, or for rehabilitation purposes. (game – Handi Life Sport)
  • Instant ping pong
    Net that can attach to almost any table so you can play ping pong anywhere you have an empty desk or table, like the office, sports club, pub or even on the train. Includes bats and balls. (game – etta, 2011)
  • Make a move: motivator pack
    Class-based activities to encourage students to become more active regardless of their current physical activity level. (teaching resource – British Heart Foundation, 2013)
  • Time to burn 100 calories banner
    Door-sized display stating how long everyday activities take to burn 100 calories, which could mean the difference between keeping a healthy weight and adding inches to your waistline. (banner – Comic Company, 2013)
  • Practical ideas for Physical Play
    This 100 page book is full of ideas for bringing physical activity to life within childcare settings. With a wealth of game and activity ideas for children aged 0–5, this book provides suggestions on how to incorporate active learning into more traditionally sedentary activities such as storytime, as well as providing energetic game suggestions for activities that will aid physical development through improving balance and co-ordination. This book is intended for nursery staff or childminders but can be enjoyed by anyone involved with the care of under fives from parents to sports coaches. (book – download from link on title)