Applying for support

6. Setting up your support

Once your plan has been agreed, you can start setting up your support. You can do this in a few different ways.

Deciding who will provide your support

Support provided directly by Adult Social Care

You can choose to ask us to set up and provide your support – you do not need to do anything. For example, if your support plan says you need an hour of home care per day, we will arrange for someone to come to your house

Support from an independent provider

You can choose to have your support from an independent provider. We can help you to choose the provider and make the arrangements.

Set up the support yourself

You can choose to set up support yourself using direct payments. This is when we give you an agreed amount of money so that you can arrange your own care.

For example, you might decide that you would like a personal assistant to provide your support. You could then choose someone yourself and use your direct payments to pay for them.

We can also help you set up your own support – for example, finding prices for services or equipment.

Combining Adult Social Care services and other independent services

You can also have a combination of services provided by us, and services that you choose yourself and pay for with direct payments.

Making changes to your support plan

You can make small changes yourself

As you start putting your support in place, you may feel that it needs some small adjustments. You can make small changes without telling us first if:

  • your needs are the same
  • the changes do not prevent you from achieving the goals in your support plan – for example if one of your aims is to attend a regular appointment at a certain time, the changes must not stop you from doing this
  • the cost of your support is still within the limits of your personal budget
  • the changes do not involve any illegal activities and do not put you or others at unreasonable risk.

Significant changes

In some situations we will need to agree changes to your support plan. For example if you:

  • change from independent services to services provided directly by Adult Social Care
  • save up more than four weeks of direct payments
  • increase the level of risk in your support plan
  • want an unplanned personal budget payment of more than £100.

If you need to make significant changes, contact your social care worker straight away. We will decide if the changes can be agreed over the phone or whether you need to have an unscheduled review.

If your needs change

If your needs change significantly, you may need to have a review. This means we will look at your circumstances and adjust your support plan. If you no longer qualify for social care then we may reduce or stop your personal budget.

Reviewing your support plan

Your support plan will be reviewed a few weeks after the start of a new support plan or where significant changes have been made. We may review your support by telephone, letter or face-to-face to make sure it’s meeting your needs. This is a chance for you to tell us what is working and what might need to change.

We will review your support regularly after that to make sure you are still getting the support you need. If your needs change between reviews, contact us.

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