Applying for support

5. Reviewing and agreeing your support plan

Once you have completed your support plan, we need to agree it based on whether it meets your needs and that it:

  • does not go over your personal budget
  • uses our money sensibly and within the law
  • is clear about how you will manage your support and budget.

If it doesn’t meet these conditions, we will ask you to change it.

If your support plan isn’t agreed

If we decide your plan needs changes before we can agree it, we will contact you and explain why. For example, we might say it:

  • needs to be clearer – for example it should say how your day-to-day support will be managed or delivered.
  • has been changed without your agreement and in ways that would make your life worse
  • does not include a detailed plan for your support
  • puts you or others at an unacceptable level of risk.

Sometimes we can’t agree your support plan because we’re concerned that your needs aren’t clear. If this happens we may have to carry out another assessment.

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