Applying for support

4. Deciding your support plan

Once you have your planning budget you can develop your support plan. This sets out what you want to achieve and the support you need to achieve it.

We’ll send you a blank support plan form along with a copy of the assessment you’ve already completed, outlining your needs and what you want to achieve.

What to include

Everyone’s plan will be different. You can be creative and use sources of support that work for you, provided they meet the needs set out in your assessment. The plan can be in whatever format suits you best as long as it demonstrates how the care and support arrangements in the plan will help you to meet the needs identified in your assessment. We sometimes call this demonstrating outcomes.

Your support plan should tell us about:

  • your lifestyle, health and how you look after yourself
  • the support you already have and the support you need to live more independently – such as personal care during the day
  • what you want help with– such as getting up, washing and dressing every morning
  • how you will achieve this – for example ‘a home carer will visit each morning to help me wash and dress’
  • when it will happen – for example ‘half an hour every weekday morning’
  • who will do it – such as a home care service or a personal assistant.

Getting help

You can make your support plan yourself or ask someone to help you with it such as:

  • family or friends
  • a service provider
  • your social care advisor
  • an independent person who specialises in support planning

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