Register a disability

You do not have to register as disabled to get help from us but you may wish to do so.

East Sussex County Council offers disability registration to anyone with a disability including:

  • physical disability
  • sight impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • learning disability
  • brain injury
  • long-term mental health condition
  • other cognitive impairment

Whilst disability registration does not entitle you (unless you have a sight impairment – see below) to benefits or concessions, some local services and facilities accept our disability registration card as evidence of your disability when considering discounts and support.

Contact us to find out if you meet our registration criteria, or to find out more:

Contact us

Registering as blind or partially sighted

If you have a sight impairment, you are entitled to certain concessions. To find out the full benefits of registering as blind or partially sighted, visit the RNIB website.

To register as blind or partially sighted, please ask your eye consultant to contact us.