A guide to respite care

3. Emergency respite

You can register an emergency plan with the Carer’s Respite Emergency Support Scheme (CRESS) to ensure that short-term support can be put in place in an emergency. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can set up your emergency plan as part of your carers assessment or review. You can also contact Care for the Carers who can help you with this:

Phone: 01323 738390
Email: info@cftc.org.uk

Your emergency plan will need to include contact details of up to three people who could and support the person you care for. You will be given an East Sussex Carers Card to carry with you so that in an emergency you or someone else can call the number on the card. We will then contact the people in your plan. If none of the people listed in your plan are available Adult Social Care & Health will make contact with you, or a person on your behalf, to find out what support is needed for the person you care for during your emergency.

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