Renewing your Blue Badge


Coronavirus (COVID-19) – changes to the Blue Badge service

We’re sorry but due to Coronavirus our phone line has closed. You can email us at If your query is about an ongoing application, please tell us your full name, date of birth and postcode.

If you cannot access the service online or by email, phone Health and Social Care Connect on 0345 60 80 191 to request a call back from the Blue Badge team.

Blue Badges last for a maximum of three years from the date of issue.

We do not automatically renew badges.

All badges are reviewed to check whether you are still eligible for one. In some instances you may be asked to undergo a mobility assessment when your Blue Badge is due for review.

Renew online

You can renew your badge online. But if you have already sent a paper review form to us, do not use the online form to send another one. This delays your application.

If you apply online and supply your email address, you’ll be kept informed of progress. Please ensure that you upload the required documentation.

Sending the review form to you

We’ll send you a review form approximately six weeks before your badge expires. If you have already applied online, please do not fill out a paper form.

If you have moved home since your existing badge was issued, please email us with your new address. We will also need to know your full name and date of birth, plus your old address and postcode.

Returning the review form

If you do not include the required documentation, your application will be delayed.

Photo for your badge

You’ll need a recent photo taken in the last 3 months to go with your application. The requirements for this photo are the same as a photo for your passport.

During lockdown, if you are unable to get a new photo for your renewal then we will use your previous one.

Paying for your badge

If your review is successful, we’ll contact you to ask you to pay for your new badge. It will cost £10.

After we receive payment, your application will be submitted to the national issuing office for processing.

What to do if your badge expires before you receive a new one

You must not use an expired Blue Badge under any circumstances.

If your badge has expired and you haven’t received a new one, this means we haven’t received your form and documents.

If your review is not successful

If your Blue Badge review is not successful, we will tell you why. If you have sent in a cheque or postal order to pay for your badge this will be returned to you. You will need to return your expired Blue Badge to us.

What to do with your expired badge

All expired Blue Badges should be sent back to us. See returning a Blue Badge.

Moving from another county

If you have moved from another county where your badge was issued, you cannot renew your badge. You will need to apply as a new badge holder, but you can still use your current badge until it expires.