COVID-19 provider email bulletin

Our regular email bulletin provides updates to social care providers and staff on COVID-19.

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Previous issues

10 May 2022

  • COVID-19 guidance and updates: infection prevention and control; testing in hospices; leaving hospital
  • Wellbeing: mental health awareness week; suicide prevention fund; new website for registered managers
  • Adult social care strategy: East Sussex local strategy
  • Have your say: East Sussex care home vaccination survey; learning and development opportunities; falls and older people

03 May 2022

  • COVID-19 guidance and updates: lateral flow tests; PPE guidance; respiratory infection guidance - new language formats
  • Recruitment: Made with Care campaign
  • Wellbeing and health: wellbeing leadership; deaf awareness week; health in a heatwave
  • Health and social care reform: Health and Care Bill granted Royal Assent
  • Have your say: care home vaccination survey; mental health and wellbeing consultation; digital mental health

26 April 2022

  • Infection prevention and control: working beyond COVID
  • Workforce: national minimum wage rate changes
  • Recruitment and retention: using Instagram to find and keep staff
  • Care home huddle: join us tomorrow

14 April 2022

  • COVID-19 guidance and updates: Ukrainian version of rapid test kit instructions
  • Workforce: practical approaches to managing change
  • Training: medicines from the regulatory perspective; meeting CQC expectations
  • Health and care: East Sussex LGBTQ+ needs assessment
  • Have your say: experiences of using NHS 111 in East Sussex

12 April 2022

  • COVID-19 guidance and updates: prevalence of COVID-19 remains high; PPE portal; DHSC webinars on recent guidance changes; leaving hospital
  • Social care reform: charging reforms survey; health and social care levy
  • Training and events: IPC event: working beyond COVID; bowel cancer awareness
  • Digital social care: digital care records

05 April 2022

  • COVID-19 guidance and updates: testing; DHSC webinars; care minister letter; national IPC resources; local community-based social care IPC project
  • Training: Restore 2 training for learning disability/autism services
  • Have your say: empowering ethnically diverse staff care home network