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HAIRE - Ageing Well festival events


Healthy Ageing through Innovation in Rural Europe (HAIRE) is a project funded by Interreg 2 Seas and the EU’s European Regional Development Fund. Please read more in: Healthy Ageing through Innovation in Rural Europe.

As part of the Ageing Well in East Sussex 2020 Digital Festival, the HAIRE project ran a series of one-hour events around the themes of healthy ageing. You can watch the video recordings of all the events here.

When we are 64: A guide to a great later life

Louise Ansari, Director of Communications at the Centre for Ageing Better, and an East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group board member and local resident, talks about how to have a great later life. Who could ask for more?

- HAIRE - When we're 64

Watch on YouTube: "HAIRE - When we're 64"

Kindness and coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic brought enormous personal, social, and economic challenges. Through the upheaval of adapting to coronavirus, might more kindness be part of its legacy? Experts in kindness Jen Wallace (Twitter) from the Carnegie Trust UK and Charlotte Waite (Twitter) from Kind Cardiff explore the power of kindness and how we can all be kinder.

- HAIRE - Kindness and Coronavirus

Watch on YouTube: "HAIRE - Kindness and Coronavirus"

The psychology of loneliness

Coronavirus has had a profound impact on our ability to connect with people – understanding our ‘internal’ experience of loneliness, and what we can do about it, has never been more important. Kate Shurety, Executive Director, Campaign to End Loneliness, discusses loneliness in later life.

- HAIRE - Psychology Of Loneliness

Watch on YouTube: "HAIRE - Psychology Of Loneliness"

How to age

As a culture, have we become ‘anti-age’, fearing frailty and loneliness, or denying the ageing process altogether? What would it mean to be ‘pro-age’? Award-winning journalist, broadcaster, writer, and Professor of Life Writing and Culture at London Metropolitan University, Anne Karpf (Twitter) explores what it means to age, and how to do it well.

- HAIRE - How to age

Watch on YouTube: "HAIRE - How to age"

Finding purpose in later life: ageing well through intergenerational connection

Internationally renowned writer, social entrepreneur, CEO and President of Encore.org, and leading expert on the longevity revolution Marc Freedman (Twitter) discusses why older age can come with a diminishing sense of direction, and how we can find meaningful activity that serves our innate need for purpose as well as the greater good.

- HAIRE - Finding purpose in later life

Watch on YouTube: "HAIRE - Finding purpose in later life"

We all have something to offer: are older people included in our communities?

Being included in a community is about more than just living in it.  Madeline Cooper-Ueki (Twitter) and Carol Clifford (Twitter) from the National Development Team for Inclusion talk about whether older people feel they belong, and what needs to happen so that people’s lives reach beyond the four walls they live within.

- HAIRE - We all have something to offer

Watch on YouTube: "HAIRE - We all have something to offer"