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Learning Disability Partnership Board

About the Learning Disability Partnership Board

The Learning Disability Partnership Board is a group of people who work together to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities across East Sussex.

You can read the minutes from the latest partnership board meeting:

The Partnership Board meets three times a year. They are:

  • the Involvement Matters Team
  • the Carers Focus Group
  • people from health services
  • people from the council
  • people from community services

The main aims of the Board are to:

  • improve the lives of local people with learning disabilities
  • improve the lives of local family carers
  • make sure people with learning disabilities and their carers have a say in the work to make services better

Learning Disability Network Meetings

As well as the Learning Disability Partnership Board Meetings, we hold network meetings. These meetings are open to everyone. We use these meetings to listen to the views of local people with learning disabilities, their carers and support providers.

The network meetings are held twice a year.

If you would like to come to a Learning Disability Local Network meeting, please contact us by:

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