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Viridor in East Sussex Fund

Recycling company Viridor and East Sussex County Council are calling for grant applications for the Viridor in East Sussex Fund, which has £45,000 to donate to community projects.

Applications will be considered in terms of a set of criteria based around:

  • environmental sustainability
  • community involvement
  • local need
  • value for money

Projects must also be located within the administrative area of the county council. Successful applications will be those which demonstrate community participation and benefit, social inclusion and breadth of engagement and a strong benefit for the area through jobs, training, and skills.

Applications will be evaluated by the Viridor in East Sussex Board, which will include representatives of Viridor and East Sussex County Council.

Funding will not be provided for:

  • staffing
  • maintenance
  • running costs
  • projects where a statutory duty applies (for example services run by the local council)
  • individuals seeking sponsorship
  • donations for charitable events (such as fun runs or sky dives)

Any group wishing to apply to the Viridor in East Sussex Fund should complete funding application form and email it to viridorineastsussex@viridor.co.uk.

Please contact viridorineastsussex@viridor.co.uk for more details.