Former landfill sites

What is a former landfill site?

A former landfill site is an area that has been used to dispose of rubbish from the construction industry, businesses and households. The site will have closed and have been restored.

How do we decide what to do with the land after the site has closed?

When a landfill site is granted planning permission, the future land use is sometimes agreed as part of the planning application. Typical uses of closed landfill sites include recreational facilities such golf courses and football pitches, parks and meadows, or fields for grazing animals.

How might a former landfill site affect you?

There are many former landfill sites across East Sussex. Most of these sites are over 30 years old, and many of these sites were filled with harmless rubbish, for example rubble and hardcore. If the site did accept any domestic rubbish like meat, bones or food, these will have decomposed by now.

Former landfill sites in East Sussex

East Sussex County Council currently monitors 17 former landfill sites for landfill gas and removes leachate from 5 of these sites. The sites which are currently monitored for landfill gas are listed below:


  • Astaire Avenue
  • Langney School
  • Lottbridge Drove
  • Stafford School
  • Winkney Farm


  • South Saxon, Filsham Valley


  • Cradle Hill
  • Ham Lane
  • Hamsey
  • Landport
  • Newhaven


  • Mountfield


  • Arlington
  • Castlewood
  • Glynleigh
  • Sandhills
  • Scull Wood

Further information

For more information please contact our Waste Team.

Alternatively you can contact your local borough or district council.

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